I'd like to share a couple of phone stands I made

Using VCarve, I created a basic shape and did test carves on thin plywood until I had a style I liked. Then I copied each to its own specific design file - one with a Wonder Woman silhouette (carved in Oak) and the other a butterfly pattern (carved in Purple Heart). I have other woods to use along with some other patterns to try. Will be doing those once I figure out why my last carve missed some x steps.

(More pics to follow in a comment)




Very nice, I like it.

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Those look great.

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Got a few more done. These are in walnut.


Nice, wish I had some real wood to make mine instead of mdf and ply…


Awesome, those look great! My wife has been wanting me to make her one. Come to think of it…majority of the stuff I’ve made is because the wife wants something lol.


Just made them up in Easel… asked family what shape and they came up with these… one of them is a goth, guess which one they had… :slight_smile:

My templates if this works. more in the workspace.


Thanks for the file @DarrenWeston. My wife will be happy for a few days now lol

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As for mine, yes and no. The basic stand shape I designed. I then open them into a new project and add the decorative design element (Wonder Woman, bird, flower, or whatever). Those design elements have come from various places - google images mostly.

If interested, I can share my basic design file (it may be a tonight or tomorrow though). It is a VCarve Pro project and is designed for 1/4" thick wood (specifically the slot in the front) but you could resize that for your needs. Anyway, just open that file and place whatever element you want to.

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Don’t know about your area but Lowes, and possibly Home Depot, near me sell Oak and Poplar in 1/4" thick strips that are, I believe, 4" wide and varied lengths. I designed my basic shape to work with those but have been using some I got off eBay instead (the Walnut for those recent ones). So, if you have them local, see what Lowes and HD have.

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Here is the design file for my version. Its a VCarve Pro file and, as mentioned before, is for 1/4" material.

Basic phone stand.crv (180.5 KB)


Here is where I got mine - http://www.ebay.com/itm/9-WALNUT-9-CHERRY-9-MAPLE-WOOD-BOARDS-3-1-2-X-12-1-2-X-1-4-SAW-LASER-CRAFTS-/172724118420?hash=item283728e394:g:VQkAAOSwSzRZPAMG

$37 for 27 pieces comes to about $1.40 / piece. It takes 3 pieces to make 2 stands (1 piece for 2 of the back/horizontal boards and 2 pieces for the each of the vertical longer boards). So, material costs me about $2 per stand.

Those pieces are 3.5" in width which is slightly wider than my stand. If I align the start point correctly it will cut/carve leaving a small sliver of material on either side so I do my clamping on the ends and make sure I have tabs.


hey randy thanks for the file do you by chance have a file that you made with an older version of v-carve? I am running version 8.5 and this file was made with version 9

I just have not upgraded yet :frowning:


No but this may help - I did an Export to PDF and opened it in 8.5 and it did just fine. Maybe that will work for you. If not, let me and and I’ll try something else.

Basic phone stand.pdf (3.3 KB)

Thanks for sharing the file… gonna have to make one… once I finish my controller

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Would like to see it when done, share a pic here if you get a chance.

Got an new thing I would like to share…

I received a JTech laser this past Christmas and have been spending what little free time I have learning it. Over the past few days I tried it on the phone stands I make.

In the pics below you will see 4 different images. There are really 2 stands with an image on either side of the “front panel” - one with two bond images and the other with the hearts and butterfly. I had a few places where it didn’t burn quite like I wanted but I will hone those skills as I do more.



These are really cool!

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