ID model of my machine

Can someone assist me identifying the model X Carve that i have here?
New to this and I am having an issue with it cutting too deep into the wood. I have the cut setting at 1/8 and its going much deeper.
Thanks for the help!

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that is not an Inventables Z axis . You are best off to perform a movement and measurement test and do the math needed to determine the $102 value manually. Like what is shown here for X & Y axis, you can perform the same sort of test for the Z axis. How to Calibrate the XCarve: Stepper Calibration - YouTube

However it looks like the cnc4newbies version found here: Xcarve SLIDER belt
Which uses a default $102 value of 50.059 However that also assumes that the dip switches were not modified by the prior owner… Doing the manual method mentioned above will be more accurate regardless…

Thank you, so much! I appreciate it!

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There are a few upgrades that I would recommend. 9mm belts and pulleys and Y axis stiffeners and riser plates. Those additional items will make a big difference, and since you have the Z axis, totally worth the expense. You may want to consider a Z probe if you don’t have one. That hole in the Top front of the carriage is for the jack. The upgrades make the machine more more accurate and fine tuning the calibration is part of all that.