Pretty simple request for a feature:
right click any circle or object, “Convert to DRILL point” option - always make the center of the circle the center of the drill point, once converted remove the vector from the document.

Note- the whole point of this feature is to be able to select MULTIPLE objects and convert them all into drill points

Some problems with the existing system:
1- no way to convert “loose points” in an svg into drill points (loose points are simply ignored)
2- no way to export something with a “representation” of where a drill point should go (such as crosshairs in an svg)
3- no easy (nor sane) way to set up drill points when dealing with 100+ holes to drill and the center accuracy of those drill points is critical to the task at hand
4- no “snapping” ability, where as the center of the drill marker would “snap” to the center of the svg hole
5- no X/Y grid system where the known coordinates of drill points could be typed in

While it is possible to add drill points “one at a time” into a document, then drag them by human hand “near” a circle, and then using the “alignment tools” to center the drill point onto the circle this process is a colossal abuse of the sacred and limited time a human has to be alive… the amount of time it takes and its lack of efficiency make this method undesirable (at best)

Ideal Situation resulting from feature: should just be able to “select all” , right click “convert to drill point” and be done.

There is an app that does that. “Convert Circles to Drill Holes”.
Just select all the circles and run the app, you can choose to replace the existing circles or keep them.

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You might also like “Holes on a Path” which will evenly space circle shapes (or drill points) on a path or shape

thank you, I will give that a shot…