Ideas for optimized multiple shape cutting?

So, I’m looking at cutting out multiple rectangles for a tile based game and was wondering what the best way is to minimize cutting time? If I just create a 2d array of rectangles, I’ll have cut-time for each tile, if I butt them close enough together, I can essentially cut 2 or more sides at the same time, reducing overall machine time. However, I can’t just butt the rectangles together because if cut as a normal shape, it will still cut around the perimeter for each shape, even if the adjacent rectangle cut has removed material.

Any ideas?

Using VCarve I cut a large game grid 12x24 squares.
Originally I did it as an array of squares, cut as a “on-line” perimeter cut with a v-bit.
It worked well but took forever as it recut all the overlapping sides.

Later on I replaced the multiple squares with individual grid lines, surrounded by a large box.
I even manual set cut order and alternated the start point of each line so it would cut one line up, move, cut the next line down, etc.
That cut much faster.

Yes, that would work, except for the rounded corners (not mentioned in original post). Not sure if there’s a “quick” solution for this problem. I could always cut the wood into strips on the table saw, then cross cut it with the miter saw, but that still leaves about 240 corners to round off.

Of course, I could try an array of “L” shaped cuts with a slight overlap. Hmm…

Will have to go out to the garage tonight.