Idler pulley rubbing

I noticed my x-axis idler pulleys both rub the x-axis rail and don’t turn freely like the z-axis idlers do. Is this normal?

Okay from your statements I am understanding that you mean V-Wheel as the Z axis has no Idler pulley. So with that in mind:

from the instructions
Adjust the v-wheels on each gantry side plate so the v-wheels run snugly on the rails, but not so tight that they bind.

this means that each rail has a fixed V-Wheel and an adjustable V-Wheel. the adjustable V-Wheel is the ones with a cam (off center circle) and that is what you turn to adjust (the ones with a hex for a wrench). slightly loosen the hex head and nut then turn the cam (with a wrench) and you will notice that they tighten in one direction and loosen when turned the other. you want resistance but not binding. here is a picture of the adjustable V-Wheel.

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Sorry I meant to say y-axis idlers not z-axis. I had been installing a bigger motor on the X along with 9mm belting. I inadvertently reversed the idlers which is why they were rubbing. Once I flipped them around they run smooth.

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Glad to hear you got it fixed.