Idler wheels don't line up

Just began my initial assembly. In reference to the gantry plate assembly, has anyone had problems with the idler pulley wheels not aligning with the stepper motor pulleys? For some reason, it appears that the 9.5mm aluminum spacer (25312-23) is too short and the 16mm stepper motor mount bolts are touching the idler pulley wheels preventing them from moving. Am I missing something?

Loosen the set screws and slide the pulley on more.

Instructions call for 16mm M5 bolts for the motors. Not 30mm

The motors have the permanent pulleys. Non-adjustable.

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You’re right Curtis…that was a misprint. Thanks. I meant to indicate 16mm, which are the ones that I’m using. I’m just not sure why they are hitting the idler pulley wheels. Appreciate your response.

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Just trying to help out. Can you post a picture of a “face on” view. Hope that makes sense lol. I’d like to see the flat part with the wheels facing the camera.


Im still in assembly with my machine as well.
Did you use the right spacers? are the idlers wheels facing the right way?

I think Richard may be on to something. He wrong spacers would explain both problems.

Went to shop to check out my machine, if you used the m5x30 andthe spacers are ok (9,5mm)
I think that flipping the idlers around So that the “hollow” part is facing outwards is the trick

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Ahhh…Richard, your were absolutely right! I had the idlers facing the wrong way. I flipped them over and everything is good. Just got in a hurry I suppose. I owe you and Curtis an adult beverage! Thanks much to both of y’all.


@ Phil
Probably, there is most likely no mechanical “retaining” fixtures in place. A pinion puller will do the trick.
Heating the pinion might aid the extraction process

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Ya I saw that. But as soon as @RichardSchuurman mentioned flipping the idlers over I knew looking at the picture in the directions that “problem solved” would be the next post. Good job Richard.

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