Ikea flat pack garden design

thought this might of interest to some :slight_smile:

If I built that I’d have a big sphere of dead plants (I kill everything I attempt to grow except weeds).


I am going to try to make it for someone who wants it but have to to get these dxf files into easel and make sure all the parts are smaller than my 1500 my X 1000 mm workspace, if anyone more a cnc master than me can help I will foolishly try to cut it ha. What’s a good program to convert dxf to svg? I can’t see in the projects documentation a recommended CNc bed size

I was the same way until I retired and tried gardening. Have been doing hydroponics and have been very successful. Still can’t grow stuff in the ground. My garden expands into more and more of my backyard each year. You should give it a try

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adobe illustrator is a good program to convert dxf to svg

page1.ai (1.2 MB)

page-1.svgz (42.0 KB)
page-2.svgz (31.6 KB)
page-3.svgz (25.8 KB)
page-4.svgz (43.1 KB)
page-5.svgz (68.3 KB)
page-6.svgz (36.5 KB)
page-7.svgz (25.0 KB)
page-8.svgz (62.0 KB)
page-9.svgz (24.5 KB)
page-11.svgz (38.0 KB)
page-12.svgz (369.4 KB)


I download page-1 but when importing to easel got an error (see attached scrreenshot) I noticed the file format is svgz, not familiar with that, is that the issue?