Im a noob so be gentle

ok here goes, i am new to the x carve and using easel ,and i need help with setting up universal g code sender and from what i have read in some of the other discussions chilipeper, or aspire. i have done a few cuts just using the easel and would like to expand into other projects i have a lot of ideas just don’t know how to get them to the table. so can someone help a guy out?

Vcarve desktop, vcarve pro and aspire are all popular CAD programs. You design your projects in these programs. Universal g code sender and chili pepper are both CAM programs. These are free web based programs that interpret your design and sends the gcode to your machine. Easel is a CAD/CAM program, kinda one stop shop. Design and sends code all in one program. I would just have to say spend a couple hours on google and see which CAD program fits your needs and budget. Some CAD programs can be a little pricey.

Actually, the Vcarve products are CAD/CAM in function.

Rhino 5 Is an example of a CAD only program.
Meshcam is an example of a CAM only program.

Universal G-code sender and Chilipepper just read a text file and send it to the X-carve (a few other features but basically just a read the file send it to the Xcarve).

This shows my technical knowledge. Lol.

We all were at the same point that you are at one time. No worries.

Thanks guys this us very helpful

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