I'm getting a ton of Dibond and Alupanel for free...what now?

I assume this stuff is tricky to work with since its Aluminium over top of a composite plastic material.

I looked on the forum here and found some cool looking projects done with it…

is this stuff going to kill my spindle?

The spindle can handle it check out https://www.toolstoday.com/ for bits. If your worried about it you can always just send it to me!

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I rout ACM “dibond” at work at least a few time a week. It routs pretty easily. Never tried it on my X-CARVE. You can ignore the aluminum. It’s only few thousandths of an inch. So really it’s just a soft plastic, so single flute spiral up cut bit 12000 rpm, 75-125ipm. I can cut an 1/8 inch sheet in one pass on my machine at work. I suggest you be more conservative. Side note: check out ACM folding bits you can do some pretty cool stuff with bending and forming.


If your near Pittsburgh I can direct you to a dumpster filled with dibond, PVC, and acrylic.


I live near Greensburg. I could go for some free acrylic and pvc. What kind of acrylic? Cast?

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so before I read this…I decided to cowboy the whole thing…I clamped it down and used a 60 vbit

this stuff is damn cool…I’m in love…shhhh dont tell my wife but I may leave her for this stuff lol


Great information, THANKS!

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