I'm pleased with this one

Solid walnut linseed oil finish.


Holy cow, you sure should be!!

What do you use for designing, etc. the 3D carve?

Very nice. Is that walnut or did you stain it?

I use Vectric desktop to put the models together.
No stain.
Simply a nice piece of walnut and finished with one coat of boiled linseed oil.
Did this one just today.
Same piece of wood same finish.


Those look awesome.

Was on edge about buying vetric desktop but seeing these has pushed me over.

Keep in mind that desktop is not a full modeling software.
You can import models and manipulate them.
You can download a full version for free and try it out before you buy.


Got it. That sounds about my speed at this point. Will start with the demo … Good thinking!

Fabulous job! any chance you could share your G Code?

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That is exactly the design I’m hoping to do. Do you have the file for that and some direction about where I should go to learn how to do 3D cutting on the X Carve. So far, I’ve only done 2D carving.

Do a google search for Marine Corps logo STL file.
There are a number of designs out there.
Some free and some that you have to pay for.

Love it. Have a friend who is a Marine and wants a sign like this. Where can I get this pattern? Beautyfull work. Bob from Kansas.