Image carving size

i don’t have a x carve i have a 3018 plus . i was wondering how to combat this . I set up a simple carve the machine has been working fairly well however now for some reason the image size is larger then i had set it up in easel . i tried a few different files and every thing is too large and the positioning is not correct . Any help will be appreciated .

Did you accidently change the mm/inch setting?

The only reasons a CNC machine dont give correct size is:

  • Lost position (stalled motor/noise or whatever) but this will most often only affect one axis, at an artbitrary time/position
  • Mismatch between units (mm vs inches as mentioned)
  • Mismatch between stated bit diameter vs actual bit diameter
  • Incorrect step/mm values for the CNC-controller.

“every thing is too large…”
In what way, slightly larger or way too large?

no inches been using … not sure whats going on . i must have changed something

What are your $100-102 values?