Image craved twice on same project

So we started our first project and we tripped a breaker in mid crave. When I turned everything back on it looked like it was going to just continue where it left off until it picked and started to carve same image all over again. So got another pice of wood rebooted laptop and started again and same thing happen.

The toolpath will follow the same project outline multiple times, with each pass being slightly deeper in the material until the carve depth is equal to the total depth of cut you specified in the design.

For example if you are making a .25 inch deep cut that would be to deep a cut to make in one pass so you can specify how deep each pass would be. With a .25 inch bit you would be able to cut .125 deep each pass, so it would make two passes to complete your project.

Solved my own problem. If you lose power on a job you might as well start over, and I mean all. From the image to carve. This is what I did I resized the image by a hair and changed the depth of plunge also "only because I did not like the depth of old design. Then I restarted all and so far so good.

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Thanks Phil I will try that next time. I do have a question then for you. If you have a long carve and you need to leave, and you can not leave it running can you stop the carve and restart in the morning? I am a teacher and can not leave machine on all night, 21hr carve.

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