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I have been carving for a few months now, and my image editing skills are holding me back from more advanced projects. I was asked by a friend to carve the badge logo for his SWAT team in Florida. But all we can find is a picture of the patch itself.

I have Inkscape and VCarve Pro, but am looking for some tips on how to take an image like that below and make it into something I could carve. Thank you very much!


You need to redraw it on top, any automated conversion wont look good. Maybe try fivver?

Hey William, normally I would say you could convert the image in something like Adobe Illustrator but your going to get some pretty weird artifacts. I think this is going to be a design you will need someone to recreate, @eried mentioned Fivver which could be a great place to start.

Just make sure and ask for a vector file so you can scale it!

I use this guy on fiverr all the time. Does pretty solid work!|rep&context_alg=recently_ordered&recommended_package_id=2&recommended_price=1000&tier_selection=recommended

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It really depends on how you plan to carve it. You have VCarve Pro so you can do a 2D or 3D file. That will determine which approach to take.

Example of the 2D and 3D with VCarve.

How did you get that into vcarve? I have the same issue with 3 challenge coins. Can’t create a clean vector /svg image. How’d you do that?

I imported the above photo into my project. Then I drew the lines using the bitmap layer as the reference. Correction to my post above. The second image was actually done in Aspire. You can achieve nearly the same effect in VCarve using toolpaths to create the different depths.