Image merging for easel

In the following carve, the one labeled “this one”. Can I/how would you make this so I can carve the outline out without the individual pieces.
I want the outline of the sun merged with the cloud. Where the sun is going behind the cloud I don’t want them separated. Additionally the “sunbeams” I would want attached to the sun. Not sure if I am explaining the very well.
Any help/advise would be appreciated.
The intent of this project is to carve song lyrics in the cloud part and this would be hung up on the wall. The song is called “My Sun”

IF the vectors overlapped you could use the combine function (in the Edit menu) to create an overall outline. BUT the circle and triangles do not overlap, so you’d need to make them overlap properly to fix that part (just make the circle larger)

before enlarging the circle:

After making the sun circle larger, select all > combine, then set cut path to “outside the path”