Image resizing is way off

Whenever I try to resize an image (regardless an image i upload or from the library) the dimensions are way off from what i enter, for example if I set the height to 2 inches it will be carved 3.4 inches, tried to pin, unpin still the size being carved is way off from the one i enter, what I am doing wrong? (P.S I am using easel pro and have X-carve 1000x1000)

Thank you

Are manual movements accurate (the further you move the more obvious the error will show)
If they are not accurate (as I would suspect) follow this:

They are not! will try that this evening when I get home and report back, thanks alot

IT WORKED! my machine was way off, after calibrating the xy steps it make perfect cuts now, thanks alot, hope this thread will help others

Here is a calculator I found and use

That is very useful, thank you

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