Image Trace in Easel Video

Hey everyone, I uploaded a video that I have been asked several times to make. In this video I take a JPEG file from Google and bring it into Easel using the Image Trace App. So, no Inkscape and no SVG from Inkscape. This is all done in Easel. I used a 60 degree vbit with a depth of cut at .04 including doing as finishing pass. I also show how I paint the vinyl. Here is the link:

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Nice video. But I’ll stick with inkscape. Much quicker & easier, more powerful, ability to save directly onto computer, and free !

I agree with you. I use Inkscape about 90% of the time. It nice to know that easel will work for simple things.

In some of my other videos, I show the use of Inkscape. Hopefully you have subscribed. I do have othe videos planned than include Inkscape as well as VCarve Desktop