Image Trace Not working....NetworkError: Failed to load worker script

Is image trace down?

I get the following error message when I click on image trace

NetworkError: Failed to load worker script at /apps/1/app_dependencies/153.js (nsresult = 0x805e0006)

Thanks Robert,

its the only function in Easel giving me an error.

I have 200 mbps down and 75 up…I pay way too much money for way to fast internet. I’m mostly confident it’s not an ISP issue.

But before I started the message on the forums…

I tried it on 3 computers and wiped the internet cache on all 3, and no joy, in 5 months of owning the Xcarve this is the first time I’ve had this error. I

right when I click, and it’s only image trace, I can click SVG and Gcode no issues, every other function works in easel except image trace. I checked if was a pop up blocker, if it was a script issue with my browser…nothing.

its so freaking weird.

this pc hasn’t changed one little bit configuration wise, yesterday morning, image trace worked…by the afternoon, nada

I’ll just email support at this point and they can let me know what I did on my end to mess my world up lol. The more tech savy I get the more I don’t seem to see the simple answers I find.

no, thank so much for taking the time to give a shot and help me out. I really appreciate it.

I just want to say thanks @LanceCameron! I wouldn’t have looked at the app if it wasn’t your for this post. I was up till 3am playing with various images I grabbed off the internet. I’ll probably post the project for others to play with.

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lol, I know right! I ignored it till I watched Mo’s video on inlays on youtube…she clicked on image trace and grabbed a web image to use…(I was thinking WTF! I so need to play with that app) lol

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it turns out its firefoxs fault, my browsers all updated on my pc’s and it decided to stop me from using the evil entity known as image trace for my own safety lol

How did you get it to unblock image trace?!