Import DXF - Easel is adding facets to radii on outer profile

Hello All,

I’m trying to import a dxf with a large radius on the outer profile, but Easel is cutting as a several large facets rather than a smooth curve. I see some are doing work arounds by converting dxf to svg. This is okay, but when I do this Easel doesn’t let me choose which side of the line to cut on, so I can’t preserve the original dimension of the part.
Any help would be appreciated.
Easel Facet
AutoCAD no facet

Can you explode your radii in your dxf into segments? Easel vs UGS (Easel non-support of Arcs) - Easel - Inventables Community Forum


Hello Martin,
Thanks for the advice. I did modify large arc in the dxf to be several small tangents and it worked great. It’s not really sustainable to do this on all the projects I have coming up, but it got me through this one. Looks like I won’t be able to use easel long term. Hard to believe there is a cam software out there that can’t handle arcs.

Can you share your dxf?

See attached.

BBU Plinth Top for dxf.dxf (277.7 KB)