Import File

I click “Import File” then pop up comes up with “Upload File”, when i click Upload File NOTHING happens.

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Hello Andres and welcome to the forum.

What type of file are you trying to upload?

Click on Import SVG
find file and highlight it
then click open


I am having the same problem trying to upload a .dxf. file I select it or drag it in and once I click upload it goes back to the screen to select upload, lines mode, and cut path with out any preview and import is not selectable.

Now it says “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” I am on a stable home wifi connection.

If you like , you can send me (cncseth@gmail(dot)com) the .dxf or upload it here and I’ll test it out with your file.

Personally, i prefer to save as svg and use that import tool, it seems to work with larger files and never has issues for me :man_shrugging:

I believe it is a Windows 11 issue. I took the file out to my pc that is running my x-carve and it loaded with no problem.

I have same problem too. Really nothing happens.
The screen where I can upload didnt open, I cannot select a file. The upload option doesnt seem to work. What can I do?


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Hi Cagri, what operating system and browser are you using?
This issue seems to occur to Mac users on Safari browser. If this is your scenario i suggest trying google chrome browser.