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I have over the years made by hand using a MDF template and router a number of 6mm acrylic table extensions for sewing machines, a sample of which is shown with the attached photo.
These vary in the cutout with different model machines, and I have many such MDF templates.
My templates have been made using cardboard and tracing the sewing machine profile and then transferring to the MDF.
I am playing with Easel (free version) in anticipation of purchasing an X-Carve to cut the acrylic shape.

Any suggestions on how would I get from my template into Easel to have a cuttable file?

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i typically use Fusion 360 to lay out finite shapes like that one. with careful measurement, you should be able to 100% reproduce it. F360 is free to use for hobbyists.

If the template fits on a flatbed scanner you can get a very accurate scan of your template and then convert to svg in inkscape, illustrator etc. I don’t use easel but it may well have a function to convert images to vectors.

Trace your pattern onto a piece of white paper with a sharpie, then take a picture with your cell phone. Save the picture on your computer and import the photo into Easel using the Image Trace.

I did this in Easel, i just designed something close to what you had.

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Your comments help a lot. My template picture is just the cutout for the sewing machine arm, the actual table is 600mm x 450mm x 6mm (24” x 18” x 1/4”)
I can trace around the cutout onto paper as you suggest and scan that to .jpg and import to Easel and trace there.
My next challenge is to incorporate that cutout trace with the 600 x 450 table cut in Easel.
Attached picture is a typical table, the cutout shape for the machine varies.
I currently cut these with a table saw and trim the edges with a handheld router with edge trimming bit to a -remade mdf template.

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When you take a picture of the traced image make sure that your phone is straight and level, you can put the phone on something and leave the camera hang over to take the picture. I hope that makes sense.