Importing G-code file, but problems with Easel..?

Hey guys, using Aspire, Easel post processor, and importing the Gcode into Easel, only the outline of the work is appearing, and my wasteboard work space is missing from the page. See attached.

Using Easel and the X-carve post processor you’ll need to export each toolpaths separately.

Oh boy. Can I cut directly from Aspire to the X-carve?

It’s you’ve installed V-transfer, but I don’t think most think highly of that. Either way, you’ll have tool changes. You might be able to export all paths that use the same tool together.
Looks like three jobs.
V-carve pocket
All the v-carving
Profile cut

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Your tool paths use different bits. Only a machine with an auto tool changer could handle all those tool paths in a single g code file.
All topl paths that use same bit can be processed into one file. But make sure you have them in the correct order.

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correct, there are two bits. Does that also explain why only half of Easel is showing?

You can change tools manually with the right sender.

Yes…you only exported one path. I’d guess that’s the profile.

Why would you not cut directly from Aspire?
When you save your tool paths, just choose the Xcarve inch or metric post processor in the drop down list.

In new to all of this, can that be done? I am saving it that way. What would be the next step after the post processor save?

When importing gcode into Easel the the display only shows tool path. It will not simulate the carve.
What you saw is normal.

Next step would be turn on the machine, chose the proper file and happily carve your project.

All of the tools on the left side of the screen, and the grid wasteboard not appearing, normal?

Jan, do I still initiate the car through easel, or iis this done through aspire?

Yes imported g code has no use for those design tools.
G code is only used to drive the machine and cannot be changed with design software.
As I recall with Easel when g code is imported and you hit carve it takes you thru the steps to set or confirm your xyz material locations before the actual carve starts.

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I’m sorry, but I do not use Easel, and don’t know anything about it.
I strictly use Vectric desktop.
As you have Aspire, you really don’t need anything else.

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Yes, What MarkA.Bachman has said is correct. I found this YouTube video of a guy (not me) showing exactly how to export from Vcarve (the same people who make Aspire), import into Easel, and then run it. Skip to 9 minutes or so, if you don’t want to listen to his design process.

Also, I hope I’m not confusing the issue, but as you start using the machine more and more, you may be interested in using a 3rd party Gcode sender like Universal G Code Sender, or CNC js

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I guess I’m kind of at a loss to understand.
If this person has Aspire, why would he need anything else???
In the very first post he shows us a beautiful plaque.
The only thing left to do is add some tabs, click on the appropriate post processor, save the file, and cut it.
He can do the complete design and machining from this software.
I have Vectric desktop, I can do everything related to design and machining.
The ONLY thing that I cannot do that Aspire can do, is 3D design.
I’m still toying with the possibility of upgrading to Aspire, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

This was very helpful. My issue earlier was attempting to import two different tool paths. I’ll be attempting this cut today, thanks everyone for the help!!

I assume you have V Carve Desktop?
How do you use that to run the X Carve?
You have to use a sender for the code.

I have aspire. From what I was attempting last week, only one of the two toolpaths was populating in Easel. Are you referring to the post processor?