Importing images

I do my design work on a different laptop than i cut with out in the shop, is there a way to import images into easel that allows me to “change my mind” and use a different imported image in the shop? Or do i have to go back to my other laptop, if the image was not imported to my carving laptop?
I designed a tree on my bench laptop and go out to the shop laptop, get everything ready, i change my mind and want some other image instead, is there a way to have a diff. image i imported universally available in the shop?

Does the shop laptop have internet access? I’m assuming so, because I don’t think Easel will run without it. You can bring in images in the bench machine and then they should show up out in the shop as well. I often do my designs on a different machine than I cut with and it works fine for the most part. I can also use a USB stick to transfer images or cut files and that works too.

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