Importing svg files but they are not showing in easel

I have uploaded a svg file that I created in Inkscape but it does not show up in easel once it’s imported. I am saving it as a plain svg is there a different format that it should be saved as.

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Are you getting the warning about embedded text and/or embedded images when importing?
If so then that might explain the issue… it wont import those features the common cause is that in inkscape youve got to convert lines to vectors before saving because inkscape will save an image as a svg format without actually making it into a usable svg.

Heres how to do it with images. (The saving for easel technque is labled as a chapter in the video near the end to make it easy to jump to)

Heres how to do it with text.

You may need to utilize both methods together if youve got text and graphics…

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I did not think about that , thanks for the assist .

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