Importing SVG files from "Make The Cut" software

Just wondering if anyone has experience with SVG files made with Make The Cut , a program primarily for plotter cutters (Silhouette, CraftRobo, etc), and how Easel reacts to them. I’m interested in using single line fonts, which MTC seems to handle well.*

Unfortunately the demo version of MTC is unable to save as SVG, just their native .mtc files. Has anyone out there used MTC to generate SVG files that Easel likes?

*I’ve tried every combo of saving as optimized/plain/regular SVG, importing/exporting as DXF between Inkscape/Illustrator/Makercam with poor results. Inkscape’s Render Hershey Text works OK, but I’d like to use different single line fonts.

I was playing with single line fonts tonight for making name plates, the cam-bam font seem to work okay. I also tried some Rhino single-line fonts (they need a bit of clean up though)

Hi Glenn-- just to clarify, you used Cam-bam in MTC?

No, I use them in Inkscape

Would you mind uploading a SVG file with the fonts so I can try it out on my end? I’ve only been able to cut out parts of letters using CamBam fonts from files made in Inkscape.

Also, are you doing any conversion between file formats or just saving as an (optimized?) SVG?

Well I misspoke, both CamBam and Rhino single-line fonts require work to clean up, they are really closed shapes that need to be cut apart in ordered to use them in Easel.

I have MTC and it works great for doing that.
I have used it for creating all sorts of Vector art and then porting it over to V-Carve or Easel.

Hi Steven- Thanks for letting me know your experience, I think I’ll purchase a license. I was pleased with how the MTC demo worked with my plotter cutter, so if I can’t get MTC to co-operate, it’s not a loss.

Glenn- Thanks for double-checking on your end.

no problem, I like to try and solve graphic puzzles, I did do a single font file for Easel you can see here

Single line font

Anytime you need help just ask.
I know MTC pretty well.

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