Importing text

Trying to import text from inkscape. Can not figure out how to do it, when I try,
easal says not able to at this time …any help? Totally new to this.

Select everything and then on the Path menu click Object to Path, save, then import into Easel.

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I typed my name. Hit select all under edit then hit object to path, then saved as my name. Still wont import…what am doing wrong.

I am unable to import from inkscape unless I do Save AS -> optimized svg format

Keep in mind that inkscape on windows forgets the format chosen immediately. Always do “save as” if running windows.

Try opening the SVG from Inkscape at, then saving it as an SVG again. For some reason, it seems to work for me 99% of the time I have an Easel import problem.

Doing Save As and doing an optimized SVG works or selecting it and turning it into a path.

If you are having trouble with that method you can also export as an image like JPG and import it using the image vectorizer in the App Store. (Click the 9 squares on the tool bar) this works for almost any image type. Black and white works well because it is easy to tell what you want it to look like.

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Awsome help from community and staff. Got it to import now will try to carve. Thanks all.

Thank you for this answer! That worked for me!

having the same problem. non of my svg files are even opening up in makercam…?

i’m with kyle. getting away from easel asap. It’s too restrictive.