In order to Improve (IPM), do i need to upgrade?

Hello Everyone,

My main goal is to improve IPM and cutting time.

I have a template i have been using and try to make 6 cuts on one 24inch by 24inch 3/4 plywood. It take 3hrs and 24 mins.That is using a 1/4 straight bit with 2 flutes. My settings are 0.06 feed rate, 120 IPM, plunge rate 9 min/inch. That way too long in my opinion, is there any way i can upgrade to make my x carve faster and stronger? I don’t mind if i have to upgrade the router or stiffen up the entire frame.

If it possible, i need some guidelines or information to do the upgrade.

Hope everyone is having a good evening :slight_smile:

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What is your RPM?
Stock Z?

Can you show the design/Easel file?

I have the Dewalt 611 and the 2017 model of the x carve.

RPM when cutting the wood is at 1.5 to 3 depends on the pass.

here is my file of the Laptop stand.

Your feed rate is good (fast) and you may not achieve much by going much faster as torque fall of at speed.
Reducing the number of tabs will increase the efficient speed as less time retracting/plunging (at low IPM)

Have you tried an upcut bit (1F or 2F) specifically for wood?
If you can make your machine more rigid you can go deeper per pass.

Rigidity can be increased by, based on what I’ve read others have done:

  • Getting a Z upgrade (linear slide)
  • Supporting the Y-rails
  • Stiffening the X-rail
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The 2017 already has the wide slide on the X, that is rigid. Not more can be done to the X.

You can add stiffeners to the Y but that’s not going to get you much with the stock Z axis.

You can get the Cnc4newbie Z axis which would enable faster plunging, higher acceleration on the Z.

Switching away from Easel will enable 3D tabs which will make the tabs easier.

Using a 1/4” bit, try upping the depth per pass to 0.08” or even 0.1”. I was cutting that deep and deeper with the stock Z axis with a 1/4” bit.

You could do a 9mm belt upgrade and stepper upgrade and that will help push the speeds up.

Straight bits are good for plywood in my experience.

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Okay thank you for the information @HaldorLonningdal

No i haven’t try to make a upcut bit with plywood. I was afraid of tear, so i stick with my straight bit.

I might not just invest in the upgrade and be patient with the cut time.

Thank you for the extra information @JustinBusby

i will try upping the depth per pass and see how things perform.

I love straight bit when it comes to plywood, makes the cleanest cut i ever seen.

On this particular design you have (had?) a lot of tabs, reducing that number will cut time literally.
You may want to try to use the masking tape hold-down method to eliminate the need for tabs completely ?

Straight bits are good on plywood but may not allow for the fastest material removal rates.

Absolutely. I would upgrade the Z first though. (cnc4newbie Z-slider or similar, I made my own)

BTW - I zoomed into your pattern. Dual lines intentional?
Jagged line => acceleration value can have great impact on time.