[In progress with Inventables CS] Z axis very sloppy

I have finally completed my x carve. The x and y axis are very solid with no movement. But the z axis v wheels seam to move around a lot. I will post a video of it that I took.

I have tried to adjust the off set nuts with no help. It does not look like there is any good way of securing this to the maker rail.

I hope I am explaing this correctly. Check out the video. And any suggestions would be great.


OK there is the video.

I can imagine how you could do anything precise with the spindle Mount that moves this much.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks again.

That is known issue. The washer between two bearing is way too thick.
I do have post regarding this problem earlier. You may want to check your local hardware store for thinner washers. Recommendation is to replace all 12 washers on X and Z wheels.
I use 0.32mm (0.0125") washers.

Thanks. I will check that out.

If you look close you can see the bearings move in the v-wheels. This is not normal at all, I have two x-carves and nether have any play in the bearings on the v-wheels. like mentioned in the earlier post check the spacer between the two bearings and remove any play.

Yeah I see that. The movement in the v wheel bearing was my initial cause for concern. I have purchased the suggested fiber washers and when I get some time I will replace them. Hopefully this tightens up the z axis.

I have just put this together and I don’t want to spend another $150 on the zaxis upgrade if I don’t have to.

Thanks for the reply. I will post my results as soon as I have some time to sit down and install the washers.


Hi @JamesJohnson can you please contact our Customer Success team. I’d like them to take a look at this with you and see if they need to escalate it to engineering or if they can solve it with you.

You can email them directly or call 312-775-7009.




Thanks @Zach_Kaplan I appreciate your time to get this resolved. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow.


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Agree. @PhilJohnson

The original reason we didn’t use them was they were too expensive.

Couldn’t hurt to have it as an option. I would have went that way from the beginning.


@Zach_Kaplan, I called support and they were very eager to help out. Looks like the v wheel assembly was faulty and I will be receiving a new set on Monday.

I will continue to post my progress to help anyone having this problem in the future.


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Awesome great to hear

I am sorry I have not posted anything in a few days… ran into being very busy. I will get the V-Wheels attached and send in some videos, comments and further questions if any arise. I am looking to dig back into this with in the week. again thank you Inventables & @Zach_Kaplan for helping me get the broken parts fast and with no cost to me, that is a great help.