In search of alpha testers for new Gcode sender

As some of you know, I am working on a very full-featured generic G-Code sender (aka UGS) that is a Windows based application. It is designed to work around a Bluetooth or separate numeric keypad to control your X-Carve remotely. There is a very long list of features that I have accumulated over the last couple months that have already been implemented. I am nearing the first test stage and was looking for 5-10 people to possibly help test it.

Again, this is a Windows only application and utilized much of that O/S’ capabilities and eliminates the Java overhead that is inherent in UGS and other apps. Nothing against UGS (I still use it) but I wanted more features and being able to do everything with a little keypad was a big goal.

Please let me know if any of you have interest in helping to alpha test (PM me please) or discuss features.





Windows only. UGCS uses Java to get OS independence.

that could mean a LOT of things…

if java is “overhead” so is .net framework, msvc++ runtime and vb6 runtime.

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Windows only as in not Mac OS or Linux.

He didn’t say he eliminated overhead. He said he would eliminate the Java overhead.

Thank you Larry, you are correct. Yes there is some overhead in .net but given that it will be written for a single platform, a lot of the extra 'fluff" that is necessary to support multiple platforms is eliminated. No knocking Java but it is a CPU hog at times.

And besides, bottom line is, I don’t want Java. I have been a windows developer since windows 3.1 so I’d rather stick to what I know best.

For those that don’t know the difference at least .net is compiled to machine code.

JAVA is an interpreter. Huge difference in performance.

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Lol, I might have mentioned that but I didn’t want to make it too geeky

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Well, it appears that I spoke too soon on this issue. The waters are muddy.

As was pointed out to me (politely) by @JeremySimmons .Net is not strictly compiled to machine code and JAVA is not strictly interpreted.

Just wanted to correct my mistake here. I left native windows programming behind some years ago and made an assumption which was unfounded.

I’m still looking forward to this project and I would be most surprised if it doesn’t out perform UGCS.

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Actually, yes, .net is definitely compiled. Java, about 50-50 but there is still huge overhead for the machine independence and you loose a lot of native abilities that are available in the platform in question. Anyhow, its going to be windows only, done and done :slight_smile:


well I hope you will allow me to use it.
once again today, UGS is giving me fits.
I really need to get something else.

Yep. Same issues as me most likely. Stay tuned!

I am asking everyone interested int testing this program to please register at the forum I just setup so we can keep track of ideas, bugs, and what-not.

Let me know if you have any issues connecting or registering there.

Quick update. This software development is still going strong. Please visit for updates in the forums.


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No i fell and had an operation which screwed everything up. I want to get back on this as soon as I can. Stay tuned

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wow jon. so sorry to hear that. speedy recovery to you!

Too hot to drink soup right now but thanks for the thoughts! I’m doing fine. Got behind on a lot of stuff because of operation. Just beginning to catch up. Stay tuned!

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