Inaccuracy on X at higher speed

Looking for a little troubleshooting advice…

Trying to get my cut times down on a commercial product I’m making. To do that I got myself a 1/4” bit and cranked up the speed. Went quite well, except now all of my cuts are way off in the X only. Two different advanced speeds gave me the same amount of error.

While the two motor Y axis seems fine, the X is off.

Any thoughts.

Measure you bit and make sure it is what you think it is. Bits are often off by several thousands from what their size is stamped. I you adjusted anything at all on your machine, ie. belt tension, vwheels etc, you may have thrown it out of calibration. Calibrate the X axis again if the bit is correct and try it again.

Thanks Stacy, I’ll give that a shot. My only thought on that though…wouldn’t my Y be thrown way off too?

And I am talking WAY off in the X. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was OFF

I’ll know tomorrow when I start digging in here more.

Check the usual, wheels and belts pullys. Belts do also strech and throw off calibration.

Thanks for ideas everybody!

The belt is tight, that isn’t the first thing I checked. I’ll double check and also check the V wheels.

I was pushing the machine to between 2000 and 2500 mm/min. I’m spinning at ‘2’ on the dewalt 611 router. I have a NEMA 23 on the x and just some NEMA 17s on the Y. It hoesntly didn’t seem to be struggling and I watched and listened for skipped steps. I heard some when went past the 2500, so I backed off. But I brought my pieces back in the house and noticed they were off

It was cutting perfectly before this. And once again, both speeds produced the same error, which I thought was interesting.

If you redo the cut at your previous lower speeds at which it worked ok, does the problem reappear?