Inconsistent depth of cut problem

All…my X-Carve was working great for several months. However, the other day, my machine started messing up cuts. I’ve checked for waste table level, x and y rails level and several other things and it’s still not working. See the attached pictures. It is cutting to the correct depth on one side of the project but, barely cuts on the other side.
This has stopped our production and is starting to impact our business. Can someone help me through this?


If you have the Z at 10mm, is it 10mm from your work everywhere? If not, you need to work to make sure your wasteboard is parallel to your XY plane (tram).

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I checked the tram arm and the wasteboard with a square and it’s fine. I tightened up the belt that raises and lowers the spindle. Unplugged and re-seated all of the cables; after checking that all the wires were still attached appropriately. Still issues.

Is there a difference in height from one side of the cut to the other? If you’re at Z 10mm, are you exactly 10mm above the piece in both areas?

I finally got it figured out…I ended up loosening and re-tightening the spindle belt…I used a screwdriver as a lever to ensure that it was as tight as I could get it. Works like a champ now.

In the process, I ended up going over all of the machine and made sure everything was tight and as it should be. Found a couple other things not quite as tight as they should have been. So, honestly, this is a good reminder to do a scheduled ‘maintenance’ on my machine on occasion to ensure good working order, huh?

To answer your question, I am exactly 10mm above the piece in both areas.

Thanks for your quick responses!!

Good you’re up and running again!

If no, out of tram.
Since yes, it’s a mechanical issue on the Z. Make sure those pulley set screws are tight.