Inconsistent Text Carving

Has anyone had any issues with their text being carved only partially? This morning makes the 3rd time I have waisted time and material ($$$) due to the lettering being carved partially. I found that I can re-carve the letters if I change the tool path to carve on the outside, but depending on the size of the font and the piece it may carve away too much. This resulted in me providing a customer a product that I knew was not my best. They were only in town for 1 day so did not have time to make another one. Very, very frustrating the amount of bugs in general I’m seeing with Easel Pro. When I rely on a product, especially a product that is considered the professional version, I expect consistent results every time. If there are known bugs, Inventables should notify the users via email so they don’t ruin material and potentially lose a future customer. My reputation is on the line and money can’t buy that back.

The text was generated from the Easel Pro software, so it is not related to a flawed imported file. In the Texas pic you’ll see I had to go over the words and numbers again which carved away too much leaving it looking very amateurish and sloppy. If I didn’t go over the letters again it would have looked more sloppy so it turns out to be a lose/lose scenario no matter what. On the test cut picture the “B” just randomly had the same problem so I stopped the machine because I got the result I expected using the text generator in Easel. Not cool!

This looks like a design problem. Just because the text is created in Easel, doesn’t mean that it will carve with the bit selected. You need to utilize the detailed preview on the right side to determine if everything will carve. If not, scale the size of your text up or use a smaller bit.


I assume you used Easel Pro to get access to the font of choice and using a straight bit and not a V-bit.
Also had text set to Fill.

You cant carve a 1/16" line with a 1/8" bit. (size arbitray to illustrate the point)
If you have elements of the design that is narrower than the diameter specified in Easel it will disregard them.

When choosing “On path” or “Outline” Easel will carve everything since it is not restrained by desigh width.

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The detailed preview looked just fine, no issues when I generated the simulation. I used a 1/16 detail bit so I don’t see how that would be a factor. The “B” in the test sample doesn’t connect the way it should. Same as the others, it would randomly not connect letters and numbers.

Share your project and let’s take a look.

Hopefully you’ll be able to identify something I am missing. I have completed many successful cuts doing the same process, so I would like to believe this is not user error. Appreciate any tips you have!

Your project isn’t shared publicly.

Go to FILE -> Share

Select that box, copy the link, hit save and paste that link here.

The text is too thin to be carved with a 1/16" bit. You can see that the text doesn’t show in the preview.

Even a 1/32" bit is too large for this thin text to carve completely.

For what you are wanting to do, a 60deg V Bit will work well and pick up all of the detail.


Thank you for taking time to help me out. Much appreciated!!! I still don’t understand why the bit won’t work but now I know.

It is because the diameter of the bit cannot fit into the width of the pocket.

If you have a single line, you can select ‘On Path’ and it will cut what you have pictured.

If you have an outline that is filled, the diameter of the bit has to fit between the two edges of the ‘pocket’ or Easel determines that there is nothing for that diameter of bit to carve.

With a V Bit, Easel will carve as deeply as necessary so that the diameter touches both edges of the ‘pocket’.

Does that help, @MichiahO_brien?

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It does make sense. Rookie lessons are learned almost daily on my end. Thank you Robert.