Incorporating a dust collector

I’m interested in the 1000mm table. I have a 5hp cyclone dust collector and I would like to do two things with it. One is obviously dust collection. Can I put a hood over the spindle and have it travel with the hose over the table? Or would it have to be a stationary hood covering the whole table? The second thing would be to build a vacuum clamp system. I’m thinking I can split the 6" line to do both. I’m looking at this table: So my second question is if I can make the vacuum table parts using the X-Carve without first buying the table which I wouldn’t need after I build the vacuum table.

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There are 3 threaded holes on the side of the spindle housing for attaching accessories like a dust collector. You can certainly attach one.

For the vacuum table question I would encourage you to connect with another person in the community named David. he has done some work in this area and might be able to help you.

Hi there, what is the thread size for these holes?

The drawing shows them as M4.

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Thanks! Assumed so since M5 just barely didn’t fit, but didn’t want to assume!

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