Incorrect back to work zero in Easel

I have problems in X axis won’t back work zero after carving in Easel. anyone have similar problem I need help please. Y axis back work zero correct but X axis won’t back I am cutting foam board maybe I think wheels too tight because of dust stick in wheels or maybe have any other issues.

Thanks for reply
I don’t have dust shoe. I seen many posts about how to adjust V wheels and calibrations and belts
just need possible reasons I will try and see what cause I have problem.

I need check all this below?
V wheels
Steps per mm
Stepper motor potentiometers

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If your cutting foam there is a good chance it will static cling to the rails probably more on the x since its closer to the cutting foam will jam up the v wheels bad. You more than likely need to stand there with a shop vac if you do not have a dust shoe. I get a stiff bristle brush ( like for doing dishes) and brush off the x slide and v wheel s as much as you can . I have found the car detail kit for a shopvac works great.Unplug the controller and slide the x carriage back and forth slooow check for resistance as you brush off wheels and slide. Don’t force it if it does stop back it up and check the wheels an rails.
And as Phil said don’t skimp on the calibration.

Thanks for great Information I need to buy shop vac it is good tool for cleaning while cutting
Definitely it is jam X carriage V wheels. Now after cleaning I have back to work.

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