Incorrect Machine Settings

A few days ago Easel was correctly setup and would allow me to create pieces for my 48 x 48 Openbuilds LEAD 1515 CNC. Today when I create a new work piece its 8 x 12 and I don’t see an option to change the machine’s work area to 48 x 48. Old work projects are still 48x48.

Select Machine>Edit Your Machine and the work area can be adjusted right there

I think there is an updating currently being deployed. Now I see the setting but it forces me to select a carvey machine, but I can set my dimensions. When I export the gcode it didn’t play well with openbuilds control and I had to manually edit the start and end of the code. Never had these issues until tonight.

your going to want to go to Machine>Edit Machine then delete the carvey and then create a new machine profile by selecting other grbl machine (with the 3018 photo) and then select other and enter the 1500x1500 machine size, when it prompts you to connect you can, but you dont have to you can just click cancel and back out and the new machine will be present in the machine tab…
Just now I created a carvey to test with and that gcode is bad news for a non-carve mahine

Im having the same problem, please help

This might help with the setup process… lmk if this at least takes you to the right aces to fix the issue.

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