Increasing Y axis to 2000mm

Ok so I need to increase my X-carve from 1000mm x 1000mm rails to 1000 mm x 2000mm rails or at least 1800mm range.

I was thinking this should be fairly easily done if I were to just buy the extrusion sized to the dimensions necessary and then purchasing risers and stiffeners from TDB CNC to ensure the rails would be properly trammed.

Is this the proper way to go about increasing the size of the machine?

I need this in order to make cutouts with plywood for a furniture order we had come in from a large client. It will simply save me a lot of time to do this from individual cuts with everything being precise and easier to assemble versus doing this on a table saw and relying on a planer and having to join things manually.

I am already using an upgraded 2.25hp Router that utilizes 1/2" Amana Spektra bits. Needless to say that combined with the TBD CNC Supergrade Z Axis has literally allowed me the ability to just rip through jobs so much faster and much more accurately than oem Axis did.

Ideally I’d be able to upgrade to a screw drive setup here but I’m not going to be picky.

I am researching the same stuff. I have not even put mine together but I would rather buy the parts and upgrade before assembling then tearing it down just to do it all over again lol. Anyways I am on Grainger site and they seem to have the rails. I am waiting on a reply back from them but they seem to have the rails that are stacked 1-4 high which I would think would give it even more strength and then adding in more screw holes into the TBD risers to secure it all in place. so far the math is pretty solid so I would see no reason your plan wouldn’t work. I do have a couple of questions tho. How hard was it to upgrade the router to what you have now as I would be very interested in doing this to the setup I am building and this is probably a noob question but did you upgrade the belt as well since the router is so march stronger?

Right now I am finding it impossible to source markerslide that is 1800mm to 2000mm in size without having to take two 1000mm rails and some how join them together.

I am beginning to think that a direct drive setup is the preferred method for this setup.