Independent Z-axis movement distance parameter

In my own stupidity, there have been a countless number of times that I have accidentally clicked a Z-axis button instead of the ‘Y’. In many of these cases, I had the movement distance set to a value that either caused the router to smash into the work surface or smash into my useless z-limit switch.

I suspect that I am not the only person who has experienced this…

It would be great if the Z-axis had it’s own ‘movement distance’ setting apart from the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis. This would prevent possible damage to the machine if the ‘Z’ is accidentally clicked when a distance for the X/Y is set to a high value.

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If you’re not using homing, as long as you don’t have power going to the steppers, I find it much easier to manually position the gantry to get the bit in the right spot. I just hit the kill switch to kill power, position the gantry and Z axis, then reset the kill switch to power everything back up. I think there’s a knob you can buy to spin the Z axis, or I just slightly pinch the belt and move it.

Look at my post about stopping the smashing of the limit switches: