Indian motor cycle sign

18in dia. .700in thk edge glued spruce.
1/2in em 55ipm .100in DOC .200in total depth
1/8in em 55 ipm .050in DOC .200 total depth
90 deg. V bit 55ipm
Total cut time about 1.5 hrs.
Rolled on flat black paint before cutting.
Downcut bits work wonders make crisp lines through the paint.


That looks fantastic!

The one Chief looks like he has a mole on his cheek ha ha



You’re sign came out great, I have a buddy who loves everything Indian Motorcycle, would you share file?
This would be a great bday gift for him. I made some wedding and anniversary signs that I would share with you as well.


Absolutely. Do you have v carve so I can send you the cad/cam file or I can just send the vectors. Will do it tonight when I get to my computer

I use a Mac with the X-carve and only use Easel right now, I’m still kinda new to do this, can it be a svg.file or do I need to download UGS or another free software to access files?
My email is if thats whats needed to send file.

Do you recommend getting V-carve and do you use it a lot? I don’t think it works with Mac.

Thanks again


That’s awesome and if you wouldn’t mind sharing file I have a friend I’d love to make one for.

not sure how to send it on here. send me your email and I can attach a file to send it to you

Morning, wondering if you can send me the file? I would love to do this one.