Indicating different bits for different areas?

Hi, is there any way in Easel Pro for me to indicate which bit I want to use for different areas? I have a piece that I’ve been sketching up and there are areas that I want the finish to be carved with a straight bit and other areas where I’d like the finish to be carved with a v-bit.

Only if you move the different areas to different workpieces and run them as separate jobs.

If I was to do that, need to set the starting point all over again? I’m afraid that doing it that way, it wouldn’t align right.

You don’t need to reset it. Just “use previous XY zero” or whatever Easel calls it.

ok great, thank you!

Before you end up having to write back about the spindle moving on the axes while you were changing the bit, be sure to check out this post regarding locking the motors (it’s still relevant, I think):

Just to add on what Neil suggest:
This require that the USB link isnt interrupted in the meantime, or machine turned off. This reset any position stored.

However, if you homed ($H) the machine (=machine zero is established) prior to setting your work zero, work zero will be stored permanently as an offset relative to machine zero.
You could then re-home ($H) and choose “Use previous XYZ” as Neil suggest.

If there was no homing done, any start-up position as power-up will be arbitrary and work zero will be equally off.

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