Initial plunge outside of path

Test cuts in plywood

1/4 single flute

The initial plunge cuts are just outside the path. Any ideas?

Your Z axis is flexing on the plunge. That means your v-wheels need to be tightened down.

If you grab your spindle (when it is off of course), I am betting you can wiggle it. Lower your bit to .1" above the surface and see if you can press the bit down onto the surface with your hand. Then wiggle it up and down - you shouldn’t be able to.

If you have a 1000mm machine your gantry could also be twisting. Search for rigidity mods - easy to do and vast improvement on that front.

Also make sure the bit is as short as possible as it’ll get pulled into the material.

Thanks for the input.

On to a new issue. On long projects, >1hr, my y axis motors begin to malfunction. One side starts to lag and when it switches direction, there is a stutter. In the past, it was a loose wire at the gshield. I’ve checked those and all the connection at the terminals. It seems to happen at the end of long projects. Could this be a thermal problem with the gshield? Is there a test I could do?