Initial Purchase recommended Upgrades

For someone considering the purchase of the XCarve what optional upgrades to include bits would you recommend for initial purchase?

What kind of work do you expect to be doing?

I had no clue of my intended use but I went ahead with
the dust collection which would have been way cheaper to make myself
The extended bit kit
A 1/2" bit
The materials starter kit
A 1/4" single flute bit
And several other materials I wanted to get a feel for.
If you have no experience with the materials I’d get some as samples. Thats been useful.
The z probe doesn’t really seem to solve all that much time for me, personally but I do use it about 60% of the time.
The homing kit. I’m not sure how necessary this is, because it doesn’t seem to stop the stepper motors if you input a movement too far, but it makes the homing process automatic.
I’d start with the basic bit kit and some sample materials and use that to figure out what you need or want from there