Initial test carve with conflicting positions

Hello All. I am new to CNC and require some help. I just bought a used X-Carve (1000mm). Everything seemed to work great. I opened Easel and ran through the Machine setup. It uses the X-Controler and homing switches. I can manually toggle but sometimes it may freeze and I have to restart the application. Once all the config was written I chose to run a test carve. The machine moved on X just a split second and stopped. It was homed to the lower left. The message was: “Error limit switch triggred” or something along those lines.I used UGS, Picsender and Easel. Easle showed

UGS and Picsender showed the position as a negative. .

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you home the machine in all three programs?

Yes I did. I would restart everything and homed. By the way. T X-Controller is using grbl 1.1g

Did you install the firmware? Is it the Inventables version or just plain grbl?

I downloaded the app that Easel uses. I also install new FTDI drivers.

Did you set a work zero in Easel?

I just saw I didn’t answer your question. NO, i have not installed any firmware.

I have NOT set a work zero. I dont know what that is. LOL

Your Easel screenshot shows that Machine Position is 0,0 (X,Y) when you’re home (front left on an X-carve running Inventables firmware). That position is, for some reason, WORK position 29,29. The WORK zero is the reference for your actual job. In Easel, the origin on the design screen represents work zero.
Your work zero is 29 inches to the left of home… That’s off your machine.

Did you run through the prompts in Easel?

I did run through the machine setup but nothing else. Like I said, I am new to this. Are there some steps i missed or should have performed?

How did you “start the job”?

And, tht is what I figured. What confused me is that EASEL uses it as a Work position and tha other programs use it as Machine position.

I simply started with the “Carve” button. I don’t remember exactly what happened when i clicked on it but I think it aslked me a couple of querstions which I answered. Maybe incorrectly.

I wonder if you said to “use last home position” instead of setting the zero.

Hard to say about the different machine positions. When you home (machine moves to the switches on its own), the controller should report the same values, regardless of the software you’re using.

It is quite possible. Since I had just homed the machine I would think that would be the way to go.

Actually I did not say to use the last position because I did not have a last position.

HArdware wise, is there anything I need to do or check on?

Easel uses “Home” for two different things.
When you home the machine, it moves to the limit switches. Easel also calls your Work zero “home” which can be misleading.

I’d try to get that test carve going first.

Hello Neil. the system cut me off on my replies. said i had reached my limit for a newbee.

I will give the tst carve my full attention tomorrow and let you know.

thanks again

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