Ink Bottle Holder

A quickie from this evening, at the request of my friend who owns the local stationary store. This is a prototype for a set that will be used in her calligraphy classes. Just the first coat of finish here, so it still looks really cheesy. The first coat of finish here is a flat polyurethane. After I sand down the first coat and add a second coat, this one of semi-gloss, it’ll really pop to life. The pocket and profile were X-Carved, the radii and pen rest at the front were done on my router table.

This is one of those projects that is trivially easy with a CNC, and really a pain in the butt without one.


And after the second coat of finish, it’s out on my “drying rack” right now. That is to say, it’s out sitting on the toolbox of my truck, soaking up direct and reflected sunlight at ~85 degrees in a light breeze. It’s been sanded down, and the second coat is semi-gloss.

And finished!


And here’s the second version, I added three quarters of an inch on each side at the request of the commissioner, to provide a more stable rest for the pen. Also made this one out of maple, since that was the next chunk of drop-end out of the box that came to hand.

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