Inkscape to vcarve. missing vectors?

so with my succes with my redeemer cut out. i figured i try my hand at hand drawing a different ship. a friend of mine really likes the 300i. and go figure. im ah make her a 300i. but this time i have to hand draw the vectors. because theres not a good black and white picture this time. like i had with the redeemer. but vcarve sh*ts on my resolution. and i cant figure out how to fix that. and i cant trace a blurry mess. so i figured id start in inkscape. and its going very well. but when i convert it to eps and send it to vcarve. there are missing vectors.the entire nose should be complete. but i havent started the back of the ship yet

please help me. am i exporting it wrong. dropbox link below with all project files

It looks like your eps file only contains the vectors which are contained, or begin, inside the svg document borders.

Open your svg in Inkscape, press Ctrl+Shift+D to open the document properties. In the first tab (Page), expand “Resize page to content” dialog, with nothing in the drawing selected (or all selected), click Resize page to drawing or selection. Try exporting again.

If this solution works, let us know.

thanks. that actually make alot of sense and ill try it.

it worked. thank you very much

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