Inkscpe to SVG Files to Easel Pro

I have an X-carve 1000. I have been trying to download using Inkscape images from Google Images. I have saved these images to an SVG File. However, when I try to load the image into Easel Pro, I get a message

Images are not necessarily SVGs. It’s pretty unclear what you’re saying, but it sounds like you have embedded an image in an SVG. That doesn’t make the image a vector.

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First, let me say thank you for responding back to me. I have downloaded a picture using Inksape. I saved the picture as an SVG file. My thought was after seeing in Easel, that it said, “Import SVG File”. I tried to download the image and received a message, Easel does not support SVG text.

You have an image embedded in an SVG. It is still an image. Easel needs a vector which can’t include images or stove other objects like text.
Can you share the SVG you saved?

I Will Try.

When you reply, use the upload button.

wedding bandsII wedding bandsII

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I hope it downloaded, but I am not real sure.

Easier issue than I suspected. Delete the text (1/4" Thick)…that’s the issue.


I certainly hope so. I will give it a try first thing in the morning and get back to you. Again, I thank you for your time and infor. Not being very bright, nor sound of mind and older than dirt, all these new things are not as easy to learn and work with as they have once been. THANK YOU

Sir, I would like to thank you and I am grateful. It worked exactly as you said. Question so the 1/4 was the text the message continued to show. I have no idea how long I may have struggled with this and I may have never figured it out. Thank You

No problem.
You’ll find lots of answers here.

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Glad you found a fix for your issue!

There is a help link for this:
SVG Import Guide

Personally, I’ve tried the CTRL+SHIFT+C with differing results. That’s the shortcut for ‘Convert Selected Objects to Path’. See ‘Shortcuts’ Section ‘Path’

Worst case scenarios, I’ve saved the SVG as an image file and performed an Easel image trace. Or, save as an image, then re-import into Inkscape to re-export as SVG.

I really do not know how to express how grateful I am to have the help and information. I have not visited the forum once or twice but never have I written anything before. I would have still S O L, I am sure.
The help is so appreciated and needed. I know I will be back for help. If I can be of help, please ask.
Thank You.


When you save the svg in inkscape by default it saves as an inkscape svg.
Below that in the save menu is save as plain svg. Try that

***. Save as a different file first. ***

In Inkscape select all ( even text ) then path, object to path then bring it into x-carve by importing it