Inlay 2 questions

Can I flip the plug using Easel so that I do not need to deal with the tabs?
Can I use a 60 deg bit in the inlay generator or is there any way to do an inlay with the 60 deg bit.

No. It is for straight inlays.


Cut pocket as a regular V-carve.
Cut inlay plug mirrored as an inverted vcarve (cut the space around the design away). The key is that you need to set your Z0 below the surface of your material for the plug. You can run the job twice with the second time being the one where Z0 is below the surface if your machine can’t handle the initial depth.The depth below the surface will be the depth your plug sits in the pocket.

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So I designed a butterfly, not the flying kind, but the ones used for joinery over cracks and joins. with the tool set as a 60 deg bit.
Used the inlay generator to do the math, and the result tho not perfect actually worked, got a good looking outcome, I do not think I got a good glue pocket, but today will try again. In the meantime tried designing an inlay, (wife’s name) without using the generator and will try that. will likely try a storyboard in the next few days. This is a whole new world for me, having to get my head around the jargon being used so that I understand things.
Thanks for the input.

@NeilFerreri1 @ Ken4
Thank you for your help, I did this after lunch, and it only took two tries, not sure about the pocket depth & glue space, but am pleased with the surface fit.


Glue space isn’t important. You need to make sure you don’t bottom out when installing the inlay, though. Think of it that way.

That’s the part that matters!

Dear Guru, Took me a while to get my ole head around the Z - 4 requirement for the inlay plug,
On the last one I used a 1/4" bit to rough cut the plug, started with Z0. Would it help my wee little spindle if I started the rough cut at Z-4?.
Right now am running the detail cut twice to help reduce the spindle load.