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Inlay App - Go from Pocket to Insert

I have been using the inlay app to do pockets and inserts. However, I feel greatly limited by the ability to go from original image to pocket and insert. I would like to go from having the size of the pocket to getting the size of the insert instead of having to start from the original image. I tried to calculate out how the app was doing its math but I see it’s a lot more complicated than something that can be easily calculated on an excel spreadsheet. I was able to figure out the formula it uses when the shape is a square (Pocket=Original+Tolerance), Insert=Original+(Bit Size-Tolerance). However when I repeated these tests with a star or a rectangle these formulas did not hold true. The output for calculating a 1x2 rectangle insert and pocket is also not the same when using a 1x2 star. Anyone have any insight into this?

Often for my projects where I am attempting to do multiple layers of inlays there is no way to do so without being able to make these calculations so I’ve been working on this for awhile, however with no luck.

The inlay app takes into account that the endmill has a radius and cannot cut internal corners without a radius equal to or larger than that.

If you design so that you never have an area that cannot be cut with the endmill of choice, you don’t need the inlay app.

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