Inlay app worked great, but not anymore :(

Hey y’all. I’ve had my new 1000 x carve for about 4 months now. Set up was really not hard as I’m somewhat mechanically inclined. Did lots of research and got it calibrated nicely. I cut several inlays (about 10) with no problems. Recently I’ve been experiencing calibration issues. For example, circles being slightly oval, inlays not fitting as perfect as before, etc. I’be read multiple forum postings and watched several videos on calibration adjustments. I’ve adjusted the belts, wheels & pulleys, calibrated steps on x,y, and z, cleaned the rails, surfaced the board, but I cannot seem to get it perfect like it was before. I’m off well over a 100th of an inch and in some cases over a tenth. I have no upgrades and made no changes to the machine otherwise.

What I have done outside of the standard equipment is purchase new bits and automated the spindle. Both of which were done prior to experiencing issues.

The only adjustment I haven’t messed with is the potentiometers.

Just looking for some advice as redoing my work is costing me time, money, and frustration! Thanks in advance!

A few examples of when it worked perfectly.

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@DavidBrown1 welcome to the community, those boards look great! Do you have images of the inlay’s right after they have been carved? And when you say your off 100th to a 10th is that on the pocket or the inlay itself or both?

It seems to be the inlay. The pocket appears correct. The inlay is much smaller than the pocket. I’ll snap some pics tonight when I get home showing the issue.

Okay so it looks pretty in consistent in terms of measured gap. On the “y” is .011. On the “n” .025. It’s a sizable gap for an inlay. I double checked my but measurement and it’s tight at .059, which is the setting in my file on easel.



Ugh. :man_facepalming:t2: Inlay app vs pocket and outline cut