Inlay carving not going deep enough

Hi Everyone,

I’m still relatively new to this so be gentle and thanks in advance for the help. When I do the insert part of the cut the bit never cuts all the way through. The board is 0.25 in thick so that’s what I put the material and cut depth to, but it’s only going about 0.05 in down. I looked at some other topics here to see what they had to say, but none of the things I read have worked. I tried increasing the material thickness to a few different thicknesses and used the z probe at each new iteration, but it only cut slightly deeper each time. At first I tried 0.35, then 0.5, then 0.75. The pocket portion was cut out according to the easel instructions at 0.15 so I don’t think the Z axis is not calibrated correctly. I have pasted the link to the project below.

Which z axis does your xcarve have?
And what is your $102 setting?
Instructions for reading this setting is at the top of this page, and the default settings of the xcarve are here as well…

I checked those too and I think they’re correct. I actually figured it out. My Z axis can’t go low enough because of where I screwed it onto the X axis so it couldn’t go low enough. I put a piece of 3/4" plywood underneath and it cut through. Thanks for the response though.

Ohh, this issue then… Having depth issues with a 2022 X-Carve CNC? Watch this video FIRST!!! - YouTube