Inlay cheese cutting boards

To start the X-Carve journey right I have made two inlay cutting boards. Each board took about 2h from opening Easel to last wipe of the mineral oil. I follow the tutorial by Mo and used the inlay app built into Easel.
The first board was done using 1/2" hard maple as the base, and a random piece of 1/8" material for the inlay.
Second board was done using 1/2" wenge as the base and 1/8" hard maple for the inlay. Wenge was a very cool wood to work with. Very dense and solid, I like it a lot.
Both boards were finished using the Wood Finishing Kit.

I have used the Linux Easel driver when carving the wenge board.

Lessons were learned - for first inlay I have not used tabs which caused the letter E to split in half. Second time I have placed a few tabs and it made a huge difference, looks like double sided tape is not enough for thin lettering. Any ideas how can I patch the holes so the board is still usable?


They both look good. If you saved some dust from the inlay cutout you can mix it with some wood glue and patch the small area. I have done that before and it is not hardly noticable.


Ditto the dust fix!! I do it all the time and you can’t see it.

I don’t like the double stick tape or tabs. I use a can of 3M spray adhesive and stick my inlay board to another waste board. Once the carve is done, use a putty knife and work behind the inlay board and the waste board to free the carving.

The glue did the trick! I don’t have any more pictures as I gave both boards away as gifts. After mixing the glue and sawdust to plug the holes and a fair bit of sanding there was no sign of any imperfections. Thanks!

It is a nice hidden trick. You just need to remember to get saw dust when you cut.