Inlay Generator Glitch

Trying to make an inlay. I doesn’t matter what image I use, text or regular image, when I import the image in the generator, it doesn’t do an outline and fill carve, it does 2 fill carves of slightly different sizes. What gives???

Here it shows what it is supposed to do:

Here is what it actually does:


I’ll answer myself. YOU CAN’T DO PRO FONTS WITH THE INLAY GENERATOR?? Why would you not fix that by now? Why do I pay for Easel Pro if Inventables doesn’t know how to make those Fonts work with the apps?

Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed in Easel and its limitations even with Pro.

It recognizes it as a font, you need to convert it to a path. I cheat and add a dot, combine the dot with the text to create the path then remove the dot. then it will work. Same question comes up when folks are trying to use the script fonts.

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Can you describe more on the adding of a dot?

If I had to guess he means add a tiny circle to the image, then combine them. Then when you select the new image, you use “edit points” or push “E” and then delete that “dot”.

Since last night I also figured out with Ethan Kinney’s app called Shape Exploder that you can select the text, Explode it, then combine again immediately, and then the inlay generator app works properly.


Thanks for that tip on the Exploder

That is correct several ways to get from point A to B you just need to change it from a font to a path. Happy to hear you figured it out.


Just ran into this same problem, thanks for posting. Weird that non-pro fonts work fine, pro do not.